Drew Barrymore Admits She’s Hooked Up In A Car & Gushes Over Her ‘Love’ For Skinny-Dipping



Drew Barrymore put herself in the hot seat for a round of ‘dirty questions’ on Feb. 10! The host revealed that she loves a ‘good skinny-dip’ and recalled a time when she ‘totally got it on in a car’!

Drew Barrymore spilled the hottest tea on her talk show on Wednesday! The actress turned host, 45, who’s the new face of Garnier‘s Whole Blends hair products, celebrated her new role by answering “dirty questions” in a new segment titled, “Coming Clean with Garnier Whole Blends”. Television personality, Ross Matthews asked the questions, while Drew’s hair stylist, Mr. Daniel assisted with the segment. How did it work? — The more questions Drew answered, the more Garnier shampoo Daniels pumped into her hair. The goal? — To get as much shampoo as possible in Drew’s hair.

“Have you ever been skinny-dipping?”, Ross asked, after hitting the host with a few milder questions like, “Have you ever used your name to get a reservation at a restaurant?” and “If you dropped food on the floor, would you still eat it?” As for whether or not she’s ever been skinny-dipping?

Drew Barrymore in NYC
Drew Barrymore poses at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City. (Photo credit: MEGA)

“Duh, yeah! I love a good skinny-dip!’ said Drew, gushing, “I love skinny dipping — it’s so fun. Maybe it’s like more of a girl thing. I definitely do that with girlfriends, my daughters, like, just off with the clothes and into the water.”

As the game went on, the questions became more personal. “Have you ever like totally got it on in a car?”, Ross asked, to which Drew smiled and brought her hands to her face. “Ross!” she yelled before admitting, “Who hasn’t?” Though, the Charlie’s Angels alum didn’t divulge any details about her backseat hookup.

Later on in the game, Ross asked, “When you’re being intimate with someone, are you a lights off or lights on kind of person?” And, let’s just say that Drew doesn’t mess around when it comes to any type of lighting.

“I’m very weird about lighting,” she said, explaining, “I like natural light from the day or very soft, lights. I’m very lighting sensitive in any scenario.”

During the same episode of her talk show, Drew revealed the big news about her new Garnier role, in which the Scream actress will serve as creative director and brand ambassador of the sulfate free products. The Whole Blends’ brand supports the bee conservancy, a non-profit organization that protects 10 million bees.

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