Gwen Stefani Gushes Over Blake Shelton While Playing His Slot Game In Las Vegas — Watch

Gwen Stefani took to her Instagram story on Dec. 29 to excitingly show off her visit to boyfriend Blake Shelton’s slot machine game in Las Vegas and she couldn’t help but express her adorable pride for the country singer’s accomplishment.

Gwen Stefani, 49, is proud of beau Blake Shelton, 42, and she proved it when she sweetly gushed over him during her visit to his slot machine in Las Vegas! The blonde beauty recorded her visit to the machine, which is named after the country singer, and took to Instagram on Dec. 29 to share the video on her story.

“Oh my God, there it is,” Gwen says to the camera as she walks over to the slot machine, which has Blake’s face on it, for the first time. ” Woah! That’s my boyfriend. Wow. Woah. Blakey, look what you did.” She then takes a seat at the machine as a crowd gathers behind her and plays a game, in which she won 50 cents. Everyone’s watching me play the Blake slot machine,” she amusingly says while filming the crowd. “It’s really awkward and funny.” Before leaving, Gwen took the time to chat with some of the fans standing by and when one asked where Blake was, she admitted he wasn’t there “Um, he’s not here yet,” she answered. “Blake, where are you?”

Although she seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself, Gwen’s not only in Las Vegas to play Blake’s slot machine. The singer just started her residency for her Just A Girl show after a five month break. The first leg of the shows started in late June and the total five legs are expected to run through Nov. 2019.

Gwen and Blake’s love for each other never gets old! They’re always praising each other in public whenever they get the chance and it’s definitely an inspiration to couples everywhere!