Melania Trump To Host Mar-A-Lago’s New Year’s Eve Ball Without Donald Amid Government Shutdown

Melania Trump will have to play host at Mar-a-Lago’s New Year’s Eve ball sans Donald Trump! A source close to her told HL EXCLUSIVELY the ‘show must go on’ during the shutdown!

Melania Trump will be spending her New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-Lago’s expensive ball without Donald Trump by her side, as the government shutdown rages on. A source close to the first lady told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she’ll be planning on attending the big gala, which has sold tickets for $1,000 (not including a 20 percent gratuity or a 7 percent tax), solo. “It’s far from an ideal scenario but Melania intends to try and make the most of a bad situation and enjoy the New Years Eve ball without Donald,” our source said. “It’s pretty stressful hosting such a huge event on her own but Melania is extremely gracious and experienced when it comes to social engagements so she will be able to handle it just fine on her own.”

When it comes down, Melania feels obligated to be there — considering the fact that tickets for this year’s celebration are $250 more expensive than last year’s, according to the Press Herald. “Guests paid so much for their tickets that it would have been inconceivable for both of the Trumps not to attend, and cancellation wasn’t even an option, so the show must go on without Donald,” our source went on to say.

While Donald will remain in Washington, D.C. on New Year’s Eve, the president does have plans to call the first lady after the ball has dropped. “He has promised to call Melania at midnight to wish her a happy new year, but it still won’t be the same without him there in person,” our source added. “…That’s just another sacrifice Donald must make as president.”